About Us 

The Resilience Challenge is co-ordinated by Geoff Knott who is a trustee of three charities, a co-founder of many initiatives, an ex-CEO of Wycliffe Bible Translators, a director of start-up companies as well as having held senior corporate positions. He has lived in six countries and spends most of his time helping initiatives with social impact on a voluntary basis.

His interest in Resilience stems from many years blogging about Life Chances including ACE science on his blog website;  www.wordonthestreets.net

Dartmouth Films are pioneers in Britain of independent documentaries – finding new ways of funding, making and distributing films which have impact. Recent successes include The Ponds, Children of the Snow Land, A Cambodian Spring, Five Seasons, and of course, the crucial ACE-awareness resource, Resilience. See www.dartmouthfilms.com