Challenge requirements


In order to meet the Challenge, churches need to be able to commit to the following:

  • Show the film free as a community service
  • The location of the screening can be in a church building or a community centre, school, etc. The location must have a good broadband connection in order to stream the film.
  • For the first registration round, the event must be held in 2020. Subsequent rounds will have different time windows.
  • Appoint a leader for pre-event planning and promotion, running the event and following up afterwards as well as liaising with us.
  • Invite representatives from local government, schools, NHS, police, social services, etc., but focus on parents – inviting them from parent and toddler groups, schools.
  • Ideally have at least 100 attend but in order to be fair to smaller communities, this can be lowered to 50+ where appropriate.
  • Hold the session at a convenient time for attendees.
  • Form a panel of 2-4 community leaders to discuss reaction with audience after the film showing. Ideally a mix of church leader, health professional, a police representative, a head teacher, local government, etc.
  • Develop next steps with members of the community.
  • Report back on session by entering online, data from an anonymous feedback survey, supplied by ourselves, from attendees and next steps.

If you can commit to these, then please register your interest here - 'Register for the Challenge'.


No screening under this licence can be offered in conjunction with a paid component i.e training, workshop, conference, etc.

The licence cost of the film is covered. It is assumed that all other costs are met by the church e.g. premises, staff, volunteer costs.

Not essential but preferable would be holding any session in co-operation with other churches in the town or borough.

A Facilitator's Guide is available.
Due to the need to ensure a good geographical spread of events, award of free showings will not be made on a first-come, first-served basis. For the first round, we reviewed all submissions and then chose successful applications based on location and wide spread of churches involved.

If we have further sponsorship, we will increase the number of successful applications.

If you or your organisation would like to sponsor a showing or showings, see how here - 'Sponsor the Challenge'.